Colour evokes an emotional response. In preparing interior colour selections, we firstly consider the purpose of the space, and

who uses it. Every space has fixed considerations – the amount of or lack of natural light, the floor covering, furniture, window furnishings and the type/colour of artificial lighting used.

We believe the best results are achieved if colour is chosen in the actual space. If the building is a new construct, we select fixed surfaces first, and we confirm the paint choices on site once the structure is built.

This is relevant across domestic, commercial and industrial spaces.

Preparing commercial colour schemes involves an assessment of the company’s market, clients and desired projected image – as well as making the space functional and pleasing for staff.
In health, healing and education spaces, our expertise in colour psychology is particularly relevant.

For exterior colour selections, we consider how a building sits in the landscape, the style of the building, the clients preferences, and the purpose of the colour scheme, prior to making selections.

(design by KHDG, photo courtesy of Belle Magazine)