COLOUR SCHEMES for new or existing projects. Colour is site specific, as it takes reflection from the items around it. We come to site, observe the existing conditions, and make colour selections that highlight the features, or disguise the “less-than-perfect-parts” of a project. A paint specification is prepared, and this document can be given directly to a painter who can use it to complete the contract directly.

On more complicated domestic, or commercial projects, we prepare Photoshop renderings, which give an impression of how a building will look when painted. We also liaise with paint manufacturers to ensure the paint product specified is the best option available, and can project manage the tendering process and/or supervise the applicators on site during the paint application.

PLAN CRITIQUING is a cost effective service that clients use before they lodge their plans with Council. We assess the drawings prepared by their architect or draftsperson, and work from the interior out. A door swing may need changing to accommodate a piano in the hallway, or consideration given to where the flat screen TV is to be positioned to avoid glare. By preparing a furniture layout, the client is better equiped to know what will fit into their new space, and it helps them to be informed about lighting and electrical requirements.

SOURCING finishes is very time consuming.

Its involves visiting a number of showrooms, and many of the best ones are “trade only”, or not open on weekends. We have an extensive library of finishes in our office, where clients come to be involved in selecting design elements such as bench tops, splash backs, tiles, carpet, timber flooring, and light fittings. It saves them time, and ensures that all their selections coordinate. We have finishes in all price ranges, and can advise clients how much a certain item costs, so they can establish if it is within their budget.

PROCUREMENT is where clients ask us to buy items on their behalf. As we are able to negotiate trade discounts, or buy many items at wholesale cost, this can represent a big saving for the client.

FURNITURE can either be procured or designed and custom made, and we help clients do both. We can sketch up custom items, and then advise clients on the most appropriate joiner or tradesperson to make it for them. It is important to consider how existing furniture fits in, as normally not everything is replaced or purchased as once! Preparation of a furniture layout can identify any layout problems in advance of a move.

FLOORING sets the tone for the whole interior. As one of the most expansive and fixed items, we choose this early on in a project. We can advise on all types of soft and hard floors.

STYLE needs to be set at the beginning of a project, and every selection made should be questioned to see if it fits in with the clients style. We have worked on all design styles of properties from uber modern, contemporary, federation, victorian, spanish mission and eclectic. For us it’s not about our firm “having” a particular style, it is about interpreting the client and getting them their style.

LIGHTING is expensive and difficult to get right with new technology and power considerations. To determine the best lighting for a situation, it is imperative that furniture layouts be completed so the light can be sufficient for the task areas, and more relaxed in the passive areas.